About us

Dentalkaartinen is a professional dentistry based in the city center of Tallinn. The founder of Dentalkaartinen is a Finnish dentist with over 20 years of experience in dental aesthetics. You can be sure to experience excellent work at reasonable prices. We speak fluently Finnish, English, Estonian and Russian.


A beautiful smile is very important in my work. I am very pleased with Ilkka Kaartinen´s work and affordable price. –Helena Lindgren

Laser whitening booking

Our laser whitenings are done by our qualified and gentle dental nurse Irina from Dentalkaartinen.


Minor removal of dental calculus and discolorings are included in the price of the laser whitening treatment, 150 Eur.


After the whitening it is best to avoid any colouring drinks and foods (for example red wine, coffee, tea, blueberry, beetroot) for the next 24 hours. During the whitening you may feel minor sensitiviness in your teeth, thou it is more common with the youth, and it will pass. If necessary the dental nurse will protect the teeth with a calming gel after the whitening. The treatment is paid in cash at the dental clinic.

* Questions about the laser whitening treatment or booking +3725116840