Porcelain laminates:

Porcelain laminates are a quick, easy, painless and cost effective method to change unsightly teeth to an even, beautiful result. The teeth can be made wider, longer and thicker and their shape can be changed in order to achieve a harmonic result.

To start with, molds are taken from the teeth and the dental technician then prepares the porcelain laminates to fit the client’s molds.The dentist then glues the laminates onto the client’s teeth. Usually there is hardly need to prepare the teeth. Only badly protruding teeth have to be shaped.

Teeth whitening:

The whitening removes both the discolourings of the enamel and the darkening and yellowing caused by ageing. Usually the best results are achieved for the originally yellowish enamel. the method is quick, effective and painless. The results will begin to show already after the first treatment.

Discolourings caused by tea, coffee and other substances are removed by soda treatment if necessary. The whitening is always performed on a clean enamel. the result lasts for years and can be repeated if necessary.


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